Here I sit at home, where I’ve been most of the day.  I’ve had little to no social interaction today.  I figured I’d update my blog, just out of habbit.  Lates!

Dell T105 and OpenBSD 4.2

I’ve got OpenBSD 4.2 AMD 64 running on my Dell T105 to replace the P3 600mhz I have in my rack.  I’ll submit a current txt file of the dmesg.  Right now it seems as though the onboard nic doesn’t really play well with openbsd.  During the install it works just fine, but when you boot into the os, and do a reboot or a halt, get a kernel panic.  Someone on the smp list stated it might be an irq problem, he has the same computer so same problem.  It was my hope to work on it today while I was waiting for some other things to progress along… but then my inet connection at home went down.  Oh well… I’ll keep you informed of the progress and possible problems.  DMESG AMD64 BSD.MP

OpenBSD Router / Firewall

My primary router for my network has been an OpenBSD box for many years. It’s progressed from a sparc classic 60mhz to a 600mhz p3 and now to an dual core Opteron 1.8ghz. I get the new box on thursday of this week. I’m very excited. The config hasn’t changed much, this I’m thankful for. I don’t have to do much to get it setup. As far as firewall, security, and robust functionality, OpenBSD has it. The learning curve is insane for installing. It’s not fun but once you understand how to install it, it’s easy. I started using OpenBSD in the 3.3 ~ 3.4 transition. Currently they are at 4.2 with 4.3 expect probably about May. As far as the robust nature of OpenBSD, it definately has a stripped down feel after an install. It makes it perfect for small systems that are intended for network appliances. PF by far is superior to IPTables/Chains/Whathave you. The simple firewall rulesets are easy for me to understand. The ability it has to drop packets without responding is a nice feature. I was ddos’d a while back and it helped when the idiot was just using one or two machines. Eventually he recruited the help of several of his friends and killed my downstream path. But not having to respond to his requests sure did save me from being kill on my limited upstream from comcast. I think that if I had IPTables running that I would have been killed quite a bit faster. Anyways the box I’m replacing this with is way overkill for what I need. I’ll log my install process on the blog in case anyone cares.

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Parachute Cord

Never underestimate the value of parachute cord!

So we’ve got this baby head, that we’ve named Jimmy, it’s got a lil pill in it’s mouth, and has cute makeup.  Lately it’s been a running joke as what to do with the baby head.  So it was my turn to figure something to do with it.   I grabbed my parachute cord from the truck and made a rigging so that when you open the door to our office, the baby head lowers down to eye level, when the door closes it raises backup out of the way.  Anyways it’s quite hillarious.  I wish I could take a picture of it.

He’s A Planner, That Kid

I’m working on my schedule for the year… yes the year. Going to a lot of places. Oryx in almogordo all the weekends in March. PBR one weekend in March (maybe). Bob Wills day in Turkey Texas last weekend in april. Deer in November. Thinking about going to the beach this summer, huntington beach for a week. And then Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium in October. And possibly NFR in december. Lots of trips this year. The two, outside of hunting, for sure this year is Bob Wills Day, and Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium. I go to the Symposium every year. It’s quite nice, the hotel is right across from the Ruidoso Downs track, which is where the symposium is. Lots of the entertainers are there at the symposium stay at that particular hotel. This will be the first time I go to the Bob Wills Day event in Turkey Texas. There are a couple of twin fiddle players that may be going, they are fun to hang out with. My good friend Cody is going to be there. He’s always a hoot cause he seems to know everyone in the music biz. I just can’t turn down a good fiddle playin time.


The last time I was through sky harbor, I had a 3 hour wait.  I love Sky Harbor airport, compared to the other airport’s I’ve been in.  there are actual sit down resturaunts, they have free wifi.  I’m through sky harbor just about anytime I take a flight… course I fly US Air and that’s their hub.  The wireless like I said is free.  I am somewhat having issues with my wireless card.  I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.  I’m currently running fedora core 8 and have the intel 845 a/g/n card.  The default drivers is what I have loaded witch I think are the IWL drivers.  Anyways I use a cli to connect to wireless networks, so I do my ifconfig wlan0 up, iwlist wlan0 scannning, iwconfig wlan0 essid “SKY HARBOR” or whatever it is, then usually I do a dhclient wlan0, this typically get’s me on any wireless network.  The problem I’m having is that I can connect to the ap, and when I do a dhclient, it disconnects.  The resolution?  Lately I’ve noticed if I do a ifup wlan0 instead of a dhclient.   Anyways my flight is in about 3 hours…  So here I sit at a sports bar sipping a coke.  Laters!

I love texas!

So here I am in Houston.  That’s in Texas.  I am just waking up for the day, I’ve showered n put on new britches and shirt n what not.  I had one hell of a time last night.  I went to this bar called Wild West.   Oh was it wild.  It was ladies night.  There were hundreds of gorgeous ladies there, and they were all nice!  I think I got turned down maybe 5 times, and I was sweatin like a pig; ie I was dancing almost every song.  I had to teach several of them to dance, I’m not sure why.  There was one who could dance really well, I forget her name, brigett or something like that, said it was some province in france or something.  She had short dark hair, I love dark hair.  Cowboy hat rolled up on either side on the brim.  But damn she was a fun dancer, her boyfriend was taller than me.  Then there was this batchlerette party.  One tall blonde, with huge boobs.  She seemed real nice I danced with her and the future bride to be.  I met this one other girl, amy I think was her name.  Tall, long brown hair.  Oh man I like that one too.  She didn’t seem to be with anyone, and I think she liked me.  The girl I didn’t see is the waitress I hit on at red robbin the other day.  Oh well…  Oh yeah this old 37 year old, short haired woman was hitting on me all hard core last night, I think she wanted to sleep with me.  She was married, so I told her no in so many words.  Ah and I forgot about Maria.  She’s from boston, short blonde.  Definatley a city girl.  She was one I had to teach to dance.  She seemed nice enough, but I didn’t get to say goodbye to her whenever she left.  I wish I had, shee seemed sweet.  Ok well that’s all for now!


I had lost my zone files on my nameserver.  It had been running improperly configured for a very long time.  Zone files are what tell the name service daemon what zones it’s authoritative for.  Since I hadn’t put the zone files back onto the server, it was unaware of the zones it should be authoritative for.  Now that I’ve created both and zones, that server should once again start responding to requests.  So within about two weeks, this site should be fully functional.  I love bind for it’s robustness, but sometimes, it can be a bitch.