Horse Training Session 15

Jon and I took Coors out for a walk around the block.  He was quite behaved and the donkey wasn’t that scary today.  Coors also let the neighbor pet him that was amazing. Also was able to get his fly mash on with little trouble.

Horse Training Session 14

I took Coors for his first walk around the block. We’re not too keen on the neighbors donkey, he  as ok after we passed it the 2ed time but the 3ed time it spoke so know were not a donkey fan.  We found a lot of horses that we like to talk to talk to and some really cute mares.  We have such a big boy voice it’s loud and strong.

Horse Training Session 13

Today we put on and off the fly mask with little problems. We put a bridal and headstall on for the first time without any problems. Bags are still a little scary. I worked with him earlier with bags and he seemed to be ok with one side.

Horse Training Session 12

Worked on the squeeze game with the barrels and also jumping the barrels and not scooting them out of the way,… stinker.  Worked on standing tied while picking up his feet and getting brushed.

Horse Training Session 11

Fly Mask. We are cool with putting Shawn’s fly mask on. No big deal. Taking off whole other issue. Today we worked on taking that off. It took almost an hour before I could safely pull the fly mask off.

Horse Training Session 9

      Well after having two days off Coors was a bit of a stinker.  It took a lot of working him in his pen to get his halter on, but once on we were good to go.  Worked with the carrot stick and also hobbling it went grate.  We did some lunging and worked on trotting.  Worked on sending him through the barrels and then over the barrels. HE JUMPED them!!  It was perfect he picked up his feet and tucked the front legs.  He’s going to be an amazing little jumper.

First Feet Triming

Today Coors got his feet trimed and was on his best maners for 1 having a stranger he just met pick up his feet and 2 just standing there having his feet held up for a long peirod of time.

Horse Training Session 8

Today was the first day that I (Jessi) caught Coors and put on his halter, he was a bit of a tured about it but I got it.  He did a lot better on leading today it’s not right next to you but he’s following were ever I go.  He did a lot better on standing still while being brushed.  Coors found out that the curry come feels really good and got in to it.  Worked with the caret stick and like always it went awesome.  Also worked on lunging and sending between 2 barrels, both need some more work.  Also worked with the saddle blanket and that went quite nicely.  I was able to swing the saddle blanket up on to his back, neck, and head.  Also went and played in the water puddle by the house.

Horse Training Session 7

Today we caught coors with the halter, out in the open. He was busy eating, and resisted a little to the halter, but for the most part was good with it. We learned today that trailers are kinda scary, but so long as dad goes in first, we are fine. Shawn got in the trailer, and came out several times, so it was ok for Coors to do so.
I got kicked today. I was putting pressure on Coor’s back and he reached up and kicked me. I’m ok, I’ll just have a bruise on my inner thigh. It was more of a dad, get off me than a I hate you here I’m going to kick you. We put on a fly sheet today, and we are having problems picking up the right rear foot. He wants to pick it up to quickly, and it’s like he’s kicking out. We hobbled him, and was able to finally get his right back foot up. We’ll get that worked out soon enough. Doing good with the fly sheet. Leading even better today.
Took Coors on a walk through the mud puddle. He balked at first, but then went through it fine. Continued on our tour of the neighborhood where we ran into some dogs. Didn’t like those much, but we got through that. Definately needs more exposure to dogs. Put a little pressure on his back while walking. I plan on having shawn here and using him to walk Coors next weekend. I am really excited for Coors, he is doing soo well.