English 111 – March 15th 2010

Class Notes:

No class Wednesday.

Wednesday – March 31st.

Next chapter to read is Chapter 10

SF Express – read on APA Style

The Rhetorical Triangle – the point is to use our language and writing to understand what we say, to capture their interests.  First thing is where you are coming from and where you are.  When writing a research paper, you need to know where you are coming from.  Some of the ways you can use to make people interested in you; sense of being sure, not using phrases like, “I think.” 

Parts of the Rhetorical Triangle:

Ethos – establishing yourself.  Your sense of understanding of the subject.  Using specific terminology and language of how you speak.  You will get a sense of personality from your writing.

Pathos – you are trying to figure out the emotions that your audience empathizes with.  Arguing for certain emotions that your audience has.

Logos – using facts to make an argument.  Using logic with facts to make an argument.

The best way to describe things is using the senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

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