English 111 – March 10th 2009

Class Notes:

Rhetorical – meaning picking a side and sticking with it.  Thinking about your opinions and articulating them.  Analyzing why you believe things, and when you figure that out, you can think about what others are thinking, and use that to continue an argument.  Reading doesn’t necessarily mean physical reading words, but reading or interoperating other peoples bodily actions.  How you can understand what someone is saying, and how you can argue a point or your opinion across.

Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one and they all stink.

The way you think is the way you feel.  You have feelings that you justify by thought.  Think and know facts before you express an opinion.  Thinking is balancing facts and emotions.

Rhetoric is similar to making an argument with your perpetrator. 

Clarity and mechanics – the way to make your writing clear, and understandable.

Looking for a coherent structured argument.

Focus – is basically if you should write about something and going off topic.

Developing your argument, is where you start from one point and build your argument.  You can start from either general or specific. 

Not having class next Wednesday or the Monday following spring break.

Rough Drafts are very important.  This is to make sure that something is not plagiarism.

Documentation Exam is open book, and is on APA.  You have two chances to take it.  The second test is the same test.  APA – American Physiological Association, and MLA – Modernization Language Association.  Noted in a parenthetical manner, with a person’s name and year.  At the end of your paper you have a reference page.  APA only uses initials, does not use a persons’ first name.

Must be weary of the source of your information.  Verify the quality of the reference. 

Previously ungraded documented paper, everyone get’s the same topic.

Monday’s Assignment:

1’st paper is something that you don’t have to document.  A narrative of something in your life that changed you.  Examples: why they became a Buddhist, having a kid, or going to war.

Three Paragraphs.  Double Spaced.  Final Paper / Rough Draft.  About 2 / 3 Pages.  Read Chapter 8

The bible cannot be used by a reference.

Rhetorical Triangle

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