Riding Coors

This past weekend we had Keith Schafer come out and look at my horse.  He brought his saddle and decided that it would be ok to get on him.  We saddled him there at the trailer and then took him to the “round pen” that we have at the trailer park.  We had a nice round pen setup in the north west corner of the arena.  Aparently there’s people there who think they own the place and setup a calf roping chute there.  I can understand that when the team ropers get in there, that they can rope for hours… but there’s already 1 roping chute, why do we really need two, can’t you learn to share.  Oh well.  So the solution is to adjust some of the pannels in a corner, by some cow stalls and an alley way from the stalls to the ropin’ chute.  Keith worked with coors for a little while and then got on… almost as simply as that.  After Keith worked him and rode him for a while, we ended for the day.  The next day Keith called and wanted to ride him again, so we repeated the proccess.  Keith got on him quicker that day, and it was quite awesome to see.  Coors ran down the alley way there for the ropin’ chutes, and then ran back.  This happened several times.  Finally he decided it was ok to walk down the alley way and Keith decided that it would be ok for Jessi and I to ride him.  He asked who wanted to go first, I said hell yeah it’s me.  So I hopped up on him.  It was a great feeling to know that the ground work we had done (Mostly Jessi) was paying off.  I was sitting on top of my horse and that was quite nice.  We rode around in a circle a little bit, and then coors stopped.  He did this little hop and I sat down, pushed my heels down, and started to pull on the reigns to stop him.  I did everything right and I stopped him and it was awesome.  One of those “I’m a real cowboy” moment.  I got off, cause Jess had come back with her helmet, and she hopped on him.  She rode around for a while and then got off, and our lesson ended.


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