Deer Hunt, Relationship Status Change!

First off, just want to say I have a new girlfriend. She makes me very happy. I met some of her family this weekend. They seemed to like me just fine.

Deer hunt was good. I had a 250 yard shot at a 10 point, and I took it, however, I think I shot it across the withers, he did not leave a blood trail and I couldn’t find him again. On the last day I shot a 5 point buck, from 520 yards away. I am very happy with it. It’s currently at the taxidermist. Here are the pictures:

Me on my uncle's ride!

That’s my uncle’s 4 wheeler, it get’s me around.

Me, Jennifer, and Brian

I believe the order from left to right is, me, Brian (dan’s friend) and Jennifer (my other lil cuz)

My deer is the middle one

My deer is the one in the middle, Steph’s first deer is on the right, and Lacky Son’s first deer is on the left, and the fork in the bottom is Dan’s deer.