Lego Indiana Jones

Oh I love this game.  I have never had a reason to beat a game in it’s entirety before.  I’ve beat all the levels of the game, but I’m finding myself wanting to complete 100% of it.  Compare it to Lego Starwars, I think it’s better.  The building of legos part goes so much quicker.  I think the variable difficulty system is much more robust than in lego starwars.  I find that the story is very close to the movies, with some neuaunces that the restriction of them being legos has.  Having like 97% of it complete, leaves me wanting to see a Lego Indiana Jones temple of the crystal skulls game, and anticipating the upcoming lego batman.

Xbox 360 and School

So I bought an XBOX 360 ( is my live id).  It’s pretty freaking sweet.  I’ve had it all summer.  I’ve got several games for it, and I figure I’ll write my reviews for em and post em up.  Not that anyone really cares.

So I’ve got Math 120 this first half of the semester, and Math 121 the other half.  I really like these fast paced classes so far, so we’ll see how that goes.  There arn’t any good looking girlies in my class this half of the semester… unfortunately.