Beurocracy at it’s finest…

I’m cutting and pasting from the irc channel so I don’t have to type it all in…. and it would probabbly require a cr for me to type it out again…

15:27 < JC^Omega> so….
15:27 < JC^Omega> they want us to go through an approval process for changes
15:27 < JC^Omega> I had a switch today for example
15:27 < JC^Omega> that wasn’t working, the port channel was down
15:28 < JC^Omega> so I sat there figuring out what the problem could be
15:28 < JC^Omega> pushing different commands for it.
15:28 < JC^Omega> finally I figured out what command it was and reverted the non fixing changes
15:29 -!- Netsplit *.net <-> *.split quits: RedDragon, awpti, benkillin, freedg
15:29 < JC^Omega> the clarification from the board, is I need to request a change for a config for each test
command that I usse
15:29 < JC^Omega> and that it must be approved
15:30 < JC^Omega> so… switch doesn’t work, let’s try this, submit cr, cr gets approved, do command, if
command fails, think of another command, submit cr, cr gets approved, do command

How to be a cowboy. Cowboy 101

Cowboy is a term, that seems as tho it’s lost. They have seemed to die generations ago. The reason for this post is last Friday night, a gentleman asked me where I won the buckle that I wear all the time. There are many thoughts on buckles, lot of people claim that you need to have won one yourself in order to wear one. I personally believe that you should not just go buy a buckle yourself, that it should be given to you, or one you earned by event. Frankly it’s not my place to question your style. I think his concern was that there are many who wish to be Cowboys, or called Cowboy. I don’t claim to be a cowboy, if you ask me to ride, round up, rope, work cattle… I can do all of those things, and I can do some of them well. As far as Cowboy Skills, I have many. That doesn’t make me a Cowboy by any means. They just don’t make those any more. I guess even though I dress cowboy, I talk cowboy, and I can act cowboy… I only hope to leave a positive influence on the word. I always wanted to be a Cowboy. I know it’s unattainable. I think that the way I present myself, the things I know, give a positive image to the way the Old Cowboy’s were. The guys who wear the polo shirts, never ridden a horse in their life, can’t tell a holstien from a herefer, these are the ones you should be questioning. Earrings, gold chains around their neck and some big ol buckle and boots with pants so short you’d expect them to be awaiting a flood. I digress. I would hope that the Cowboys from generations back, look down on me and say I’d a ride with him. Here’s a good poem I found. Oh and by the way, my parents gave me this buckle, I ain’t good enough to be a Rodeo Cowboy.

They say the cowboys’ time spanned some twenty years
And their day has long since passed
That barbed wire now rides night herd
And the roundups run on gas

We hear that horses now are bred to ride
Not needed to work cattle
That cowboy gear is just for show
Like a rattlesnake with its rattles

As the lonely howl of the timber wolf
Has been replaced by the coyote’s song
The tough young men who trailed the herds
In today’s world don’t belong

But out there on the prairies
In the canyons and the draws
You’ll see horsemen herding cattle
And hear the branded mavericks bawl

You’ll see horses hot and lathered
And the cowboys rope and tie
See the cooky’s fire start smoking
As the long day starts to die

Just the sight of young men riding
Brings back images from the past
While they yet ride these memories
Until the final day will last

And high up in the heavens
Riding trails that have no end
On mustangs made of rawhide
Chasing thunder on the wind

Ride the cowboys of the legends
We record in verse and song
May their ride go on forever
And may I someday ride along

Poem by Jay Jones Copyright 2001

Jay Jones gives permission for the use of this poem for a personal ceremony. You can email Jay.
Please give the author credit when reciting or printing this poem


So for those of you who don’t know… I used to work for Fastwave Wireless.  I was the network manager.  Every now and then I get fed up with their inabilities to manage their network, and I go down there to fix things.  I’ve been here almost all day.  Their database server, the one thing that controlls everything, hasn’t been synced with the slave since december.  I’m rsyncing the data from the primary to the slave when I realize that there’s a ton of old bin files.   Like 100 gigs of binary files.  So I go through removing all of em, and that’s where I’m at now.  I’ve been here since about 8.  Not only is their database jacked, one of their primary routers is jacked, it won’t mount / as rw no matter what I do.  They wonder why they are having flakeyness with these things.  Sometimes I just want to smack the admin.  Top it all off, I don’t think they’ve been doing any of the backups that I left them to do.  Anyways, damn it all to hell, at least when I come here to fix things it’s 25/hr and I’ve been here since eight. 6 hours… that’s 150 bucks in my pocket.



Same Bull Shit, Different Woman.

Now to be all fair, this one just got out of a serious relationship, one she was thinking of marrying, and he cheated on her.  And I don’t think that she applies to the current rant, however the similarities of her attitude are not uncommon with the rest.  With that being said, why is it that every single woman I have an interest in, seems to have an interest in me, and then is like I don’t want a relationship.  Could it be that every woman on the face of the planet just doesn’t want relationships?  I think so… surely it’s not the common denominator.  I’m a decent looking guy, I’m a very nice guy.  I treat women with respect.  I don’t see what’s wrong.  I try different approaches… the Let’s go come on approach, the I know your not ready let’s take it slow approach.  The I don’t really care what you do approach.  There’s not an angle getting past the dreaded I just don’t want a relationship right now bull shit.  Why is it bull shit you may ask… just about every time I hear that phrase from a woman, she goes off and gets with someone else not to long after.  Hell I had one tell me, I love you, I want to be with you, and then go sleep with her ex.  That pissed me off big time.  It’s as close to being cheated on as I’ve ever come, as far as I know.  So surely it’s not all these women, perhaps it’s the type of women I chase?  Who knows.  I tried the I don’t really want a relationship, just want to be single bull shit, that just was me accepting my already fate.  I’m a fighter, I don’t back down, I don’t give up, I persist through the hard times.  I refuse to wave the white flag of defeat.

DVD Collection

So… after 5 hours of dicking around with wordpress I finally got the DVD collection page up and running. It’s not the full collection, but I guess it will have to do for now. I can add to it and update it. If you click on the link of the dvd title, it will take you to a IMDB page for that movie. I don’t have a rating system built in… maybe someday I’ll do that… who knows. Anyway enjoy the list for now, I’ll work on getting the other dvd’s inputed into the database…