My Weekend

Yeah…. So I was out in Abq this weekend. Something tells me I should have gone up Saturday instead of Friday. All in all it was a good weekend. Friday night was rather interesting. I went to Grahms, first off I didn’t get in free, second we couldn’t spit on the floor, third I couldn’t drink and the beer was expensive anyways, fourth there wasn’t that many good looking women there, fifth there’s only one girl I want to dance with right now and she was in Cruces. So we left the bar, I’m in my truck waiting on stephie, she’s driving cory home. This lady stops behind my truck and starts waving at me. So I get out of my vehicle, and walk over there. She asks if I’m the cowboy she was talking to in the bar. I informed her that I wasn’t. She mentioned that the cowboy she was talking to in the bar wanted her to give him a BJ. My responce: “Uh… that’s nice”. She then asks me if I want to have a lil fun. I told her “hell no.” and I walked back to my truck. She got all mad and drove off in a huff. I think I’m not going to Grahms in abq again. None the less I’ll be up to abq not this weekend, but weekend after next for M$ function.

Oh here’s a picture of me and my serregate horse:

me and horsey




For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge cisco fanboy.  I’ve been a cisco whore since I started learning about networking.  In fact I think that IOS had a direct relation to my love of networking.  I think their products are rediculously expensive.  Their service contracts can be rediculously exensive, however their support is 100% top notch, un questionable, precision.  I call, I get an answer.  70 dollar service contract, is treated just the same as the quarter of a million dollars a year contract that my work has.  Just un comparable to any other hardware vendor I have ever dealt with.

OpenBSD 4.3

Soon to be released is OpenBSD 4.3. For those of you who don’t know, OpenBSD was my first Open Source os. I’ve loved it since. It’s clean, it’s less bulky, it’s functional and secure. I use OpenBSD as a primary router / firewall / dns / irc client. It basically does everything for my network. I used to run several OBSD boxes, two in cali, two in denver, I even had one in canadia for a while. With the new OBSD 4.3 my dell T105 works great, the onboard card works as expected. I’ve already got it up and running in my computer rack. I’ve sold my old p3 600 to a buddy of mine. I think it’ll do good for him. I can’t wait for my cd’s I’ve preordered like always the latest release it’s due out every six months this one in May.

Hat Hanger

Yeah so I made this hat hanger out of horseshoes. It’s quite cool. A buddy of mine did the welding. One of these days I gotta learn how to do it. But I took the nails out, and grinded them all shiny, and got the dirt off of them and aranged them. I attached em to the board. He did the important work though.
Hat Hanger 1
Hat Hanger 2


Here I sit at home, where I’ve been most of the day.  I’ve had little to no social interaction today.  I figured I’d update my blog, just out of habbit.  Lates!

Dell T105 and OpenBSD 4.2

I’ve got OpenBSD 4.2 AMD 64 running on my Dell T105 to replace the P3 600mhz I have in my rack.  I’ll submit a current txt file of the dmesg.  Right now it seems as though the onboard nic doesn’t really play well with openbsd.  During the install it works just fine, but when you boot into the os, and do a reboot or a halt, get a kernel panic.  Someone on the smp list stated it might be an irq problem, he has the same computer so same problem.  It was my hope to work on it today while I was waiting for some other things to progress along… but then my inet connection at home went down.  Oh well… I’ll keep you informed of the progress and possible problems.  DMESG AMD64 BSD.MP

OpenBSD Router / Firewall

My primary router for my network has been an OpenBSD box for many years. It’s progressed from a sparc classic 60mhz to a 600mhz p3 and now to an dual core Opteron 1.8ghz. I get the new box on thursday of this week. I’m very excited. The config hasn’t changed much, this I’m thankful for. I don’t have to do much to get it setup. As far as firewall, security, and robust functionality, OpenBSD has it. The learning curve is insane for installing. It’s not fun but once you understand how to install it, it’s easy. I started using OpenBSD in the 3.3 ~ 3.4 transition. Currently they are at 4.2 with 4.3 expect probably about May. As far as the robust nature of OpenBSD, it definately has a stripped down feel after an install. It makes it perfect for small systems that are intended for network appliances. PF by far is superior to IPTables/Chains/Whathave you. The simple firewall rulesets are easy for me to understand. The ability it has to drop packets without responding is a nice feature. I was ddos’d a while back and it helped when the idiot was just using one or two machines. Eventually he recruited the help of several of his friends and killed my downstream path. But not having to respond to his requests sure did save me from being kill on my limited upstream from comcast. I think that if I had IPTables running that I would have been killed quite a bit faster. Anyways the box I’m replacing this with is way overkill for what I need. I’ll log my install process on the blog in case anyone cares.

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